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SVG files as system icons

SVG files are especially useful for making high quality system icons.

This format is very popular, since it has vectorial characteristics.

These characteristics supposes a reformulation as far as the size of the image is concerned.

Thus, the format works both for simple images, professional imaging, and for common icons in operating systems.

System Icons

System icons are thumbnail images or pictograms to identify a file or program, however, just because they are thumbnails doesn't mean they can't have good resolution.

In modern usage, the icon can represent anything users want, be it a command or process, or any other indicator.

What are SVG images?

SVG images, which stand for Scalable Vector Graphics, can be known as vector images, which are based on mathematical formulas, and are defined by a series of points that can be modified to give the final image a specific shape.

This is a very different internal structure than other image formats.

Explained in another way, when you take a conventional image format such as JPG or PNG, each of the pixels that make up the images in them has its own information, it is fixed, and when you zoom in you can see how quality is lost of image.

This is not the case of a vector image, such as an SVG, since what they come to have are a kind of maps to build the images that they save through vectors.

That is, the image is reconstructed when zoomed in, multiplying the vector or the mathematical equation by the zoom factor, which results in zero loss of quality. These features make SVG images useful for creating logos and icons, making it widely used.

SVG as Icons

The use of SVG images for icon elaboration effects is quite popular, due to the versatility characteristics that this format possesses, in terms of scalability and resolution.

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