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Introducing the SVG file format

What is the SVG format?

SVG, whose acronym stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, is a vector format that is little known but very useful for use, especially online, due to its flexibility and the ability to offer quality graphics.

SVG images and their behaviors are defined using XML text files.

Basically, SVG is a language compatible with CSS and JavaScript, used to draw and render graphics, images, and logos.

These SVG files were created so that they can be rendered or rendered in any modern web browser.

Advantages of the SVG format

The advantages of using SVG compared to other image formats are the following:

  1. Being XML text, they can be created and edited with any text editor.
  2. Using XML instructions, they can be searched, indexed, encoded, and compressed.
  3. They can be reduced or expanded, for printing purposes, without losing resolution or quality.
  4. SVG images are scalable, hence their name.
  5. SVG is an open standard, which makes it compatible with most image processing applications on the market.
  6. SVG files are pure XML


Vector graphics cover a set of mechanisms to create visual images directly from geometric shapes defined in a Cartesian plane, such as points, lines, curves and polygons.

They are digital image made up of dependent geometric objects, whether they are segments, polygons, arches, walls, etc.

So, they are defined by mathematical attributes that give it shape, volume and position, as well as other characteristics.

For example, a blue ellipse would be defined by the position of its center, its foci, the line thickness and its color.

SVG format as vector format

SVG is vector, which means it has all the advantages of any vector format.

That makes it scalable, lightweight and, in turn, allows for greater definition at reduced sizes, much larger than bitmap files.

The format is similar to, or at least has the same characteristics as, those used with any vector program such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.

Technically, this SVG image format is completely different from the format of bitmap images, known as dot matrix, which are made up of pixels.

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