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Convert JPG to SVG

Converting a still or pixel-based image, such as a JPG, to a vector-based one is a simple task, and one way or another, it can be done automatically using web services, which you'll see below.

However, it is necessary to first understand each format, that is, the characteristics of JPG and SVG, advantages and disadvantages, and what is the result of performing said conversion.


JPG is one of the most popular formats for saving digital images.

The name JPEG derives from the Joint Photographic Experts Group, the acronym of this group is what gives the name of the JPEG format or also called JPG.

Joint Photographic Experts Group

Joint Group of Experts on Photography, is the name of a committee of experts that created a standard for compression and encoding of still image files.


For its part, the SVG format, which comes from Scalable Vector Graphics, is a vector-type image format, very useful for use, especially in web services, due to its flexibility and ability to offer quality graphics.

The core that establishes the behavior of an SVG file comes from a text file with XML code.

These SVG files were created so that they can be rendered in any modern web browser and its different resolution settings, without making any modifications to the image.

What happens when we convert JPG to SVG?

When converting still images as JPG, you will convert the shapes and objects in the image to vector graphics, but in black and white, however these would be scalable without loss of quality.

These objects can then be refined or colored using a vector graphics program like Photoshop or any other.

You should consider that the output of the conversion (SVG format) will probably not have the desired effect, and it all depends on the characteristics of the original image.

Software to convert JPG to SVG

It is important to keep in mind that each conversion service has its own instructions and steps, however, they all converge on: upload the JPG image, choose the output format, convert and download.

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