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Advantages and disadvantages of an SVG file

As we can well guess, given the benefits and characteristics of an SVG file, it is not a panacea.

Let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of an SVG file.

Description of an SVG file

SVG is a type of image file, whose extension has the initials of Scalable Vector Graphics.

SVG is a free and open file format for creating two-dimensional vector graphics.

SVG is a standardized format approved by the W3C or World Wide Web Consortium, the main international organization for web standards.

The SVG format is based on XML, a markup language designed to describe data, however it does not use predefined tags like HTML, and it is easy to process and use.

The SVG format is compatible with most modern web browsers, and their respective size and resolution settings.

Advantages and disadvantages of SVGs

Advantages of SVGs

  1. The greatest potential of the SVG format lies in its lightness and versatility.
  2. SVGs contain code, and can be recognized by Google algorithms and thus helping the Onpage SEO of our website.
  3. SVG files can be created and edited with text editors and vector image editing programs.
  4. In general, they weigh very little; less than PNG and JPG formats.
  5. They can be optimized and compressed.
  6. They can be enlarged without any loss of quality.
  7. They are perfectly displayed on any device, even with a retina screen.
  8. They can be printed at any resolution without losing quality.
  9. The images are "generated" by the browser, which reduces the load and consumption of resources in the hosting.
  10. Texts can be created, can be selected, copied and also indexed.
  11. Allows the creation of animations combining SVG with CSS or Javascript.
  12. Interactive versions can be created.

Disadvantages of SVGs

  1. Although today all current browsers are prepared to interpret the SVG format, some older versions of the most used browsers may not interpret all objects correctly.
  2. If an SVG file is quite complex, it can generate files with a little more weight than a "flat" SVG with a single object in one color, for example, for this reason, its use is more recommended for simple shapes.
  3. SVG files may contain malicious code.
  4. WordPress does not support, for security, the upload of SVG files by default, in that case, an additional plugin must be installed.

Based on the above, it can be concluded that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of using an SVG file in the design of a Web, therefore, it is a format, par excellence, suitable for this purpose.

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