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SVG File

SVG is short for Scalable Graphics Format. SVG files store vector graphics information in an easy to read and process XML based format.

SVG file format was developed by W3C consortium in 1999. SVG was not supported by Internet Explorer versions browsers prior to IE9 which limited it distribution on the web. Websites had to store raster version of the image along the SVG file in order to correctly display images in Internet Explorer. After SVG support was added in IE9 and later versions of Internet Explorer SVG became increasingly popular and is now the leading vector file format on the internet.

Since all information in SVG is stored in XML format it could be easily read and processed by various software packages. Modifications to SVG files are also easy, since it is possible to make them even in text editor.

SVG files support both external fonts and fonts rendered as glyphs inside the SVG files to display the file correctly.

SVG files could be compressed using GZIP algorithms. Resulting compressed files typically have SVGZ compression which can be decompressed using GZIP program.

SVG has special profiles for mobile applications which are called SVG Tiny (SVGT) and SVG Basic (SVGB). Both profiles are subsets of SVG format more efficient for mobile use cases.

SVG is widely supported format for internet applications. You can open SVG file in any browser which includes:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari

You can also open SVG file in free and paid software packages both desktop and mobile.

Below are some free options to open SVG file:

  • Inkscape from Inkscape Project (can create, open and edit SVG files)
  • GIMP (opens SVG file in raster mode or as a path)

There are also some quite advanced paid software packages which can open SVG files. They include:

  • CorelDraw (can create, open and edit SVG files)
  • Adobe Illustrator (can create, open and edit SVG files)
  • Adobe Photoshop (can open SVG file only in raster mode or as a path)
  • Microsoft Visio
  • online editor (can open SVG files and rasterize them)

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