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Interactivity of SVG files

SVG files are image files of vector, scalable, high performance and low weight, which is used, mainly for services and web pages.

The SVG file weighs little and allows a greater definition to reduced sizes, much greater than Bitmap files.

The SVG format is an open, standard and XML-based format.

Although the first versions could not be seen in the different browsers, today it is a standard that works without problems in all browsers.

SVG became a W3C recommendation for which it is already admitted by all known web browsers.

Being an XML-based format we need some code control to make an SVG file work properly, which gives it, to the file, the interactivity feature.


The SVG files weigh little, just as it would a vector file, additionally, support CSS styles, so if we change the style on our website it will also change inside the file.

This type of file can include scripts that allow dynamic roads. You can admit actions such as rollovers or changes when clicking.

Interactive content, in an image, or set of SVG images, will allow customers to navigate between the different images giving it even more added value to our images.

SVG inside the browser, has its own dynamic interaction.

It is treated as a document separated by the browser and then placed within the normal dynamic model of the page.

JavaScript and interactive SVG

In this particular case JavaScript, it comes into play, to interact with elements within the SVG, due to the navigability of the dynamic object model.

You can also apply animations, over SVG, through JavaScript using the new Web animation API that allows you to schedule simple and complex interactions and animations.

In addition, there are also many JavaScript libraries that accelerate SVG workflows.

Thus, and to conclude, SVG files are useful for low artistic intensity jobs, simple logos with interactive inserts, icons, etc.

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If you are not able to open file with certain file extension make sure to check if extension for the file is correct. It is possible that information in the file doesn't match file extension.