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Fonts based on SVG files

There have been a lot of changes in the world of font formatting in recent times, so when SVG font files came along, they took the design world by storm.

SVG font glyphs contain many more attributes than regular fonts, and in this article we will mention about what an SVG font means.

An SVG font is a newer version of the OpenType format, and the acronym stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.


OpenType is a scalable typeface format for computers, which is why SVG fits perfectly into this format.

Its architecture is based on that of TrueType, whose basic structure is based on data tables that allow incorporating advanced typographic and linguistic functions into a type or font family.

SVG Pictograms

The SVG glyph format allows characters to be displayed in multiple colors and different transparencies, and some can even have animation added.

It is important to note that these attributes are not supported by the regular OTF and TTF formats.

SVG and its ability to be indexed in search engines

The SVG format allows us, on the one hand, to use fonts with paths, but it also allows us to include them within the file itself in TrueType and Type 1 format.

This feature gives SVG files for fonts an extraordinary ability in that search engines are able to index them.

Keep in mind that for the pure text placed as a font, it has to be either from the fonts installed in the system, or included as a CSS style.


Projects like Iconic also use the SVG format to make a typography with icons serve us for the different uses and needs of size and variation depending on the actions we want.

SVG fonts are particularly useful when designing with brush-inspired fonts.

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