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Comparison between a DXF and SVG file

DXF files

A file with the DXF extension is a Drawing Interchange Format file developed by Autodesk as a type of universal format for storing CAD models.

The idea is that if the file format is supported by multiple 3D modeling programs, they can all import/export the same documents with ease.

The DXF format is similar to the AutoCAD Drawing Database file format that uses the DWG file extension.

However, DXF files are more widely used in CAD programs as they can exist in a text-based ASCII format which naturally makes them easier to implement in these types of applications.

SVG files

For its part, the SVG format specifies a vector graphic with great ease of scaling, or known as Scalable Vector Graphics, from which its acronym comes.

SVG files are defined in XML and allow the use of graphic forms, bitmaps or text, at the same time, they can be static or dynamic.

Just like Adobe Flash, its vectorial characteristics allow the scaling of the images to be optimal both to increase the image and to decrease it.

SVG became a W3C recommendation in 2001, but implementation was slow as Internet browsers and applications updated their software to support the format.


One of the most noticeable differences between a DXF format and an SVG format is that DXF is used primarily for 3D CAD designs, while SVG is used for 2D designs.

Another difference is that DXF is a vector image created, with its elements inside a container, while an SVG file is a plain text file, which contains the necessary formulation to build the image each time the page loads, thus saving money. , a good amount of resource, especially storage.

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